Roman Sikora

Contemporary Czech playwright and journalist who graduated from the Theatre Faculty at Janáček’s Academy of Performance Art (JAMU) in Brno. He had several occupations, for example, in Třinec Ironworks or as a night receptionist at the Municipal Theatre in Brno. As a theatre critic, he also cooperated with Literární noviny and Lidové noviny, Czech Radio 3 Vltava and World and Theatre Magazine. He was also the head of the cultural section of the online journal Deník Referendum. He currently lives in Prague and makes a living as a freelance playwright.

He is the author of a series of politically-cultural essays, short-forms that he describes as “dramatic nonsense” genres, as well as theatre plays, some of which have been featured on both domestic and foreign stages. In 1998, he won the second prize in the Alfred Radok Foundation Award for the Best Czech Play for his Annihiliation of Antigone. The play Confessions of a Masochist, which originated in the residential program at the Centre for Contemporary Drama organised by Theatre LETÍ, was translated into a number of foreign languages ​​and staged in Poland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Brazil and Russia. In 2017, he won the first prize in the Talking about Borders competition, announced by the State Theatre in Nuremberg, for his play Palace by the Loire.

Sikora is often characterized as an angry playwright. His opposition to totalitarian tendencies of the market system and the ideology of prosperity and the embracement of technology builds on the bursting power of the words he often uses in provocative, surreal and unusual combinations. In recent plays, he often uses a specific, neuro-fragmented language full of repetitions, incomplete sentences, and grammatical inversions.

Roman Sikora (*1970)
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