• independent theatre with passion for new dramaturgy 
  • brings in the most interesting from contemporary dramaturgy
  • great Czech and foreign plays were born in it´s residency programme
  • apart from drama productions it produces alternative projects such as site specific or immersive theatre etc.
  • it has a long tradition in stage reading 
  • doesn´t have its own ensemble but there are only great actors in it´s productions
  • sice 2005 it has a residency in Theatre VILA Štvanice
  • is a member of Czech Association of Independent Theatre and international network Fabulamundi


One of the oldest Czech Independent Theatres has been focused on new dramaturgy, especially the European one, since its foundation in 2005. All of it´s productions are either Czech or The World premieres. It often initiates creation of new plays in it´s residency programme. (for example: Anna Saavedra´s Olga Horrors from Hrádeček, Roman Sikora´s Confession of a Masochist, Petr Kolečko´s Poker Face, Marie Nováková, David Košťák, Joan Yago and Claudia Cedó: CAMPQ, Bernhard Studlar: iPlay etc.)


The theatre doesn’t have its own ensemble and doesn´t profess the directing poetics. It’s goal is to discover new innovative plays with relevant social topics. It often deals with political topics (Confession of a Masochist, Europe Connexion) social analysis (Against Progress, Against Love, Against Democracy, CAMPQ) intergenerational relationship analysis (And Than Mirna Came, In The Republic of Happiness, Poker Face), problems of minorities (Small Town Boy, After Frederic, HOMO 40) etc. It also discovers the possibilities of staging the new plays such as site specific or immersive theatre (projects: Letí na Letišti on the V. Havel Airport in Prague, Against Progress, Against Love, Against Democracy in DOX Contemporary Art Centre, CAMPQ immersive installation on Štvanice island in Prague for Prague Quadriennale 2019). Continuously it initiates projects outside of the theatre venues. Apart from its Artistic Director Martina Schlegelová we regularly cooperate with directors Marián Amsler, Adam Svozil and Daniel Špinar. Since 2005 Letí is in a permanent residency in Theatre VILA Štvanice. It is a member of Czech Association of Independent Theatre and international network Fabulamundi