With action that catapults from the bustling streets to the skies above Dublin then plummets down to the bowels of the earth, Terminus is a vivid and exhilarating tale of three people ripped from their daily lives and thrown into a fantastical world of murderers, avenging angels, and love-sick demons. It Is a drama full of darkness and violence but love and tenderness are also to be found and as the play moves towards its climax it promises a cruel sort of justice for all.

The production by Theatre Letí presents the play as an experimental multimedia show, with a DJ and two VJs being present on stage.

Press Reactions:
A provocative (fore mostly English written) play, and a bold stage direction. That is what describes production of Theatre LETÍ (…)
Josef Rubeš, Metro 15. 3. 2010

Date of premiere 13/03/2010

Translation Ester Žantovská
Director Martina Schlegelová
Dramaturgy Marie Špalová
Video VJ Aeldryn
Stage design Jana Špalová
Performed by Marcela Holubcová, Richard Fiala a Pavlína Štorková

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