Gott ist ein DJ

He and She lock themselves up in their apartment, which they turned into an art studio, and from where they live-broadcast inputs from their own lives. They treat life as a performance, which is immediately transmitted through the Internet by ubiquitously installed cameras. Desired are imperfect moments and scenes, fragments of reality, seemingly true effects, games of authenticity, manipulation. This play (1998) represents a great dramaturgical hit (it has been translated into 20 languages, ​​and staged in more than 50 productions around the world from Europe through USA and Australia). It predicts the boom of reality television shows as witnessed at the turn of the millennium. Czech premiere.

Date of premiere 18/01/2006

Translation Martina Černá

Director MUŽI (Viktorie Čermáková, Eva Salzmannová)

Music Michal Bureš

Stage design Ivana Kanhäuserová

Performed by Martina Sľúková, Richard Fiala

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