Premiere 7. 11. 2012
Derniere 17. 11. 2012

Four wealthy financiers meet once a week. Together they relax while playing a crude computer game entitled KILL HILL™. This game was especially programmed for them for this once-a-week occasion, and it portrays faces of dead brokers who recently committed suicide. Due to maximum confidentiality these meetings take place at different locations. This time it is a house on a hill. Suddenly an armed women in a blood stained uniform breaks into the house. Is it a figure from the game? Is it one of the financiers fired employees? A jilted lover? Or a woman who came to avenge her bankrupt boyfriend? Suddenly we hear shooting outside the house. The darkened city is illuminated with explosions. Has KILL HILL™ transfered into the city streets, or has a civil war started?

The play was created as a part of the “Generation Icons” International Project organized by Theater LETÍ, the Slovak Theater GUnaGU and the AustrianWiener Wortstaetten.

Translation Lydia Nagel

Director Martina Schlegelová

Music Stanislav Halbrštát

Stage design Michael Haller

Performed by Karin Yoko Jochum, Eva Klemt, Clemens Berndorff, Alexander Braunshör, Erol Ünsalan

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