Train Station Flies

A Project by Theatre LETÍ at the Žižkov Freight Train Station.

The Station Flies Project, which has been firstly introduced in autumn 2013, aims to introduce, in an interactive manner and approach and with the help of theatre productions and various cultural events, the venue of the Žižkov Freight Station. The ambition of the project is also to confirm the potential of Žižkov Freight Station for organizing such cultural events as the architectural uniqueness of the area, its history and unique atmosphere form an important and rare component. The dramaturgy emanates from the field of political arts and brings together creators who comment on current social issues. Part of the productions that are presented during the festival, were created especially for this occasion, and were working with the theme of the venue itself in a broader context (reference project from 2014: site-specific theatre promenade entitled Game of the Station, and a production entitled Judgment Day). The project highlights the possibility of using the entire station premise by organizations with an all-Prague impact as well as by the local community (reference project from 2013: a musical performance of a group called United Gipsy Crew that was formed in the R-Bridges drop-in club).

We would like to open the "station" space to all forms of contemporary art and to connect the audience, visitors and all those who are interested in it. The 2013 pilot opening was attended by over two thousand spectators.

"In order to make sense, performances at the Freight Station should not lose the grandeur of a space that finished serving its original purpose; it should not be conventionally converted into a comfortable playing field (though I would want the performers to be a bit more comfortable). A thought invaded me that if we are able to realize the existence and importance of such veteran spaces, such as the Freight Station, and we can fill them with new sense, maybe by making such detour we will be able to reach other veteran spaces we have, perhaps the historical building of the National Theatre. "

Alena Zemančíková, Deník Referendum, May 26, 2014