After Fredrik

After Fredrik

Mattias Brunn
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Famous Swedish monodrama about the taste of love, fear of death and sweet revenge.

Johan is actually a normal guy. He plays football, likes to go out with friends from his team, dates girls from his school. One day he finally realizes, that he is not interested in girls, that he just wants to be friends with them. On the day of his 21st birthday he meets Fredrik and falls in love. "On my twenty-first birthday I met Fredrik. Or to be precise he met me, because he come up to me. That evening changed my life." Life with Fredrik is unbelievably beautiful, until the two guy go for a holiday together to Canary Islands. Fredrik stops communicating, he becomes nervous and sleeps on the ground instead of sharing a bed with Johan. What happened? A few weeks later Johan gets a letter from a doctor, and suddenly everything is clear. He is HIV positive, and the only person who could have infected him was Fredrik. At that moment the relationship turns around. Johan becomes furious and Fredrik closes in his shell. Johan longs for revenge - he still has Fredrik's American Express! His act of revenge has a fatal conclusion. Can Johan manage to live...after Fredrik? 

This astonishing Swedish monodrama won the Audience Prize of Theatre Riksteatern, Stockholm in 2005. It has been staged in many European theatres. 

Date of premiere 20/09/2011

Press Reactions:

"Theatre LETÍ with its depiction of a gay monodrama, After Fredrik, reaffirms its unique position on the Czech alternative scene by a sovereign conception of involvement in the burning issues of contemporary society."

Dominik Melichar, Divadelní noviny (on-line version)