Against Progress. Against Love. Against Democracy.

Against Progress. Against Love. Against Democracy.

Esteve Soler

Interactive (social) performance by Theatre LETÍ at the DOX. Theatre, film and broadcast directors and their artists who will unite to create a unique experience.

Unique interactive (social) performance where spectators will play their parts in the limited serie of reruns between June 13. – 15., at the DOX and in the accompanying neighbourhood.

Democracy, love, progress - values that our Western society swears by. But what is their true nature? Are they really so precious to us? Do we comply with them? Or are we living "against love", "against progress" and "against democracy"? The eponymous trilogy by the contemporary Catalan playwright Esteve Solera became an inspiration for the currently being prepared interactive pilgrimage through a dehumanized town where marriage is concluded as a fixed-term contract, multinational companies authorize their own religions and a large apple falls into the middle of your kitchen..

The trilogy consists of more than two dozen separate short plays that are thematically linked. Seventeen of them will be presented in the form of drama, puppet and shadow theater, physical performance, sound installations and film. The play in the form of a site-specific survival game will be located in different areas of DOX. Each scene will take place simultaneously in several places of the gallery and the audience will have the opportunity to put together their own version of the story.

Over twenty actors, dancers and puppeteers, five artists and seven directors (Daniel Špinar, Marián Amsler, Glory Daubnerová, Natália Deáková, Martin Schlegel, Ivan Buraj and JQr) will contribute to the project.

The project's off program will consists of outside interventions that are inspired by the Against the City project that Esteve Soler created together with the architect Jordi Queralt in Spain. Art
interventions into the urban architect will be situated in Prague's quarters of Holešovice and Bubeneč, and with the use of artistic metaphor will express the social problems in the specific context of these Prague districts. The concept of interventions is being prepared in collaboration with local community initiatives and the students of architecture from the Czech Technical

LETÍ and DOX follow up on the European tradition of active cooperation between independent theaters and galleries that also involve local communities and students, which so far represent quite a unique phenomenon in the Czech context.

Date of premiere 13/06/2014

Translation Martina Černá, Cyril Navrátil, Tereza Melicharová
Director Marián Amsler, Ivan Buraj, Sláva Daubnerová, Natália Deáková, JQr, Martina Schlegelová a Daniel Špinar
Dramaturgy Marie Špalová, Renata Venclová, David Košťák
Music Ivan Acher, Pavel Graus, Pavel Boika
Stage design Jana Špalová, Lenka Jabůrková, Martin Kotúček, Vladimíra Fomínová, Lukáš Kuchinka
Performed by Pavla Beretová, Dominika Doniga, Natália Drabiščáková, Kateřina Dvořáková, Tereza Hofová, Zuzana Kronerová, Sára Märcová, Veronika Popovičová, Týna Průchová, Renata Ptačin, Natálie Řehořová, Hedvika Řezáčová, Lucie Valenová, Tomáš Běhal, Richard Fiala, Jan Grundman, František Hnilička, Tomáš Hron, Tomáš Jeřábek, Tomáš Kobr, Dan Kranich, Lukáš Pelč, Dušan Sitek a členové Dismanova rozhlasového dětského souboru Ze záznamu: Klára Sedláčková-Oltová, Jaroslav Plesl, Ondřej Novák, Jan Vondráček, Dana Černá, Lukáš Příkazký