Translation workshop DILIA

Project Info

It has been 16 years since Theatre Letí has started cooperating with Dilia Agency on Translation Workshop. The workshop is intended for beginning translators, whether students of philological disciplines or, conversely, students of theater schools and others who have sufficient language skills and interest in theater plays. Project is currently being supported by the Supervisory Board of Dilia and Fabulamundi – Playwriting Europe.

Translation workshop DILIA 2020 Poland

2020’s Translation Workshop DILIA was focused on contemporary Polish drama.

Excerpts from three new translations of Polish plays would traditionally be presented in the form of stage reading in VILA Štvanice. However due to unfavorable conditions, we have had to present them online, therefore you had the unique opportunity to watch them online for free.

The format of the recordings allowed us to approach each of the texts with a different audiovisual stylization. Marie Wojtyszko`s Sam aneb Výchova k rodinnému životu was rather a classic piece of theatre recorded on screen, Fashion Victim by Sandra Szwarc was more like a short film and Yemaya by Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk used the principles of puppet theater.

Director: Marie Špalová

Dramaturgy: David Košťák

Set Design: Jana Špalová

Performers: Nataša Bednářová, Milada Vyhnálková, Lucia Čižinská, Jan Hofman, Jan Mansfeld and Michal Lurie

Translation: Alžběta Jilečková, Tereza Agelová, Sandra Ort Feyglová

Tutors: Jan Jeništa, Irena Lexová, Pavel Peč

Translation workshop DILIA 2019 Italy

2019’s Translation Workshop DILIA was focused on contemporary Italy drama.

Authors and their texts:

Emanuele Aldrovandi – Alarms
Pier Lorenzo Pisano – Brothers
Industria Indipendente – Lullaby


Director: Adam Svozil

Dramaturgy: Marie Špalová, David Košťák

Translation workshop DILIA 2018 Romania

2019’s Translation Workshop DILIA was focused on contemporary Romania drama.