The Secret Report from Planet Mother/ Mamma guerilla

Premiere 13. 5. 2012
Derniere 12. 10. 2015
Lenght 90 minut

„She used to dress him in a baby playsuit turned inside out, she thought that was ‘punk’…“

A lonely astronaut lands on a planet inhabited exclusively by mothers. Come, and witnesses his erratic adventure! Do you have children? Do you plan children? Why don’t you have any children? What is you main excuse when your friends ask you? Are you fond of your mother? Are you fond of mothers with children? What do you think of them? Do they irritate you? Do you admire them? Do you think they’re weird? Would you like to be like them? Who are they? Anna Saavedra, a young Czech-Chilean author, tried, and actually found answers to all those questions you’ve always wanted to ask about motherhood, and were afraid to ask! We want to truthfully map out the phenomena of motherhood in all possible levels – personal, social, cultural, spiritual, mythological as well as environmental.

This theme resonates across times, generations, is mutual to all cultures across all continents, all religions and mythologies, and is also the alpha and omega of our personal histories.

Fascinating, disturbing, amusing as well tormenting essay on all side of motherhood will be presented in a world premiere in HaDivadlo theatre on Mother’s Day, May 13th, 2012. Apart from hypnotic images of mothers from the planet, directed by Marián Amsler, you can look forward to heartbreaking songs preformed by the female part of the HaDivadlo ensemble.

The text was created as a part of the author’s residence in the Centre for Contemporary Drama.

Date of premiere 13/05/2012

Director Marián Amsler

Dramaturgy Marie Špalová

Music Mario Buzzi

Stage design Marián Amsler

Performed by Kamila Kalousová, Marie Ludvíková, Eva Novotná, Simona Peková, Erika Stárková, Sára Venclovská, Anna Saavedra, Marián Chalány, Martin Siničák

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