The Farm

David Gieselmann’s comedy is accompanied by music composed by MIG 21 and lyrics by Xindl X. Few years ago a DJ named Lucie gained her popularity with one mega-hit. She used part of her huge salary to purchase an abandoned farmhouse outside of Berlin, and moved in her friends. They formed a distinctive community, and as means of protest against capitalism, and by the motto that “love and weed will win against all” they began cultivating a hashish plantation. Lucie spend most of her time away touring the world. However, suddenly now the ostensibly ideal
sound is corrupted by false tones. Joachim, for example, betrays the set ideas, and earns a lot as an I.T. expert. He still smokes weed but he does not want to lend a single penny to anyone! Clouds gather over the plantation, and Lucie returns from Paris. She is broke, and the farm will have go into auction. Is that an end of the plantation? End of freedom? End of smoking weed?

David Gieselmann fidgets with the motifs of the Russian classic by A. P. Chekhov, and creates a distinctive version of his famous play, the Cherry Orchard. After receiving much success on European stages Theatre Letí decided to introduce the play in a musical version (with music by MIG 21 and lyrics by Xindl X) also to Czech audiences by Theatre Letí.

The actors represent a true triumph of the production. Outstanding types, personalities who are entertaining to watch on their own…
Marie Reslová, Hospodářské noviny

The Plantation is a like-able musical alternative. The new production has a fresh spirit as well as detachment…
Dana Benešová-Trčková, ČT24

Music and the songs themselves are very good, and top the plot up very well. Continuously everybody signs, and when Natasha (Langerová – i.e. the first winner of the Czech Idol competition) starts singing, the comments of the other are quite amusing. Her acting premiere underwent truly satisfactory. It seems she feels comfortable within this group of actors, and in this environment, which resonates in her acting. Other acting stars are for example Novák, Zima, Holubcová or Štípková, but the rest does not stay behind. David Gieselmann’s pertinent play about present issues lasts for a bit more than three hours (including the break) but you will not get bored at all. Definitely go and see for yourselves...”
Pavel Urban, Kulturní servis Puls

Date of premiere 15/03/2012

Translation Martina Černá
Director Martina Schlegelová
Dramaturgy Marie Špalová
Music Tomáš Polák (MIG21)
Stage design Pavel Kodeda
Costume design Vladimíra Fomínová
Choreography Andrea Opavská
Lyrics Xindl X
Performed by Eliška Boušková, Anna Bubníková / Aneta Langerová, Marcela Holubcová, Marie Štípková, Richard Fiala, Tomáš Jeřábek, Tomáš Kobr, Ondřej Ládek alias Xindl X, Ondřej Novák, Karel Zima

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