The 90s: Love, Punk and Immensity

Premiere 13. 4. 2013
Derniere 27. 5. 2015
Lenght 90 minut

Production dedicated to the phenomenon of the 1990’s, biting, carnival-colourful and bitterly absurd, similarly like the decade that Czech society expected after 1989. The Velvet Revolution was not a sweet happy ever after; it was a big bang that was just the beginning of it all. What are the memories of the 1990’s for the generation that is now in its thirties? Of a time when our parents again became children in the paradise of wild capitalism? The 1990’s as the puberty of our present, “mal du siècle” at the end of an era, a period of euphoria, but also a time of twists, downs, disappointments and increasing scepticism. All this seen through the eyes of a teenage boy who is growing up in a new, free society, experiencing first love, forming a punk band and is therefore AGAINST IT ALL.

Text was created within the Playwright in Residence program of the Centre for Contemporary Drama, and the production was collaboration between HaDivadlo Theatre and Theatre LETÍ.

Staged by HaDivadlo Theatre (Brno).

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