Pub Quiz in the future of the world

  • 26/06/2021
  • 27/06/2021

A scandalous show in which you’ll find out what awaits you in the future, leave your environmental grief behind and finally start doing something!

Do you like quizzes and are you interested in the future of the world? Would you like to have a drink with friends in the theater and have a wonderful time together? Then don’t miss this event. The popular form of a pub quiz is coming to life in the theater. Ideally, bring one to three friends with you and create your team. Buy your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink at the bar and start filling out our fun quiz. There will also be some theater, funny moderators and a few great songs.

Don’t worry, it`s not about a grade! You also won’t have to say anything out loud and no one will call you out. Plus, you won’t leave feeling depressed! We can promise that! How can we do it? You will have to come and see it.

Pub quiz on a theatre stage from the LETÍ Theater, interwoven with live music, is open to both teams and individuals and helps against environmental grief (verified by 9 out of 10 test spectators).

  • let´s start with the new dramaturgy passion
  • for more courageous epicures
  • for gourmands