Pool (no water)

Black comedy by famous British playwright posses a fundamental question: is art more than life? How will a group of artists who have been friends for many years cope with an astonishing career of one of them? They are invited into her luxurious villa with a stunning pool and their envy grows into hatred. Fake fun at the pool results into a tragedy and ends with the famous artist unconscious and mutilated in the hospital. Her “friends” to abuse the misfortune for their next artistic creations – they occupy her villa, film her mutilated body, and cannot wait to exhibit it in prestigious galleries. But one day their artistic object
wakes up from a coma … Czech premiere.

Date of premiere 16/01/2009

Translation Dana Hábová
Director Martina Schlegelová
Dramaturgy Lucie Kolouchová
Stage design Jana Špalová
Performed by Michal Kern, Irena Kristeková, Pavlína Štorková a Josef Wiesner (nebo Richard Fiala)

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