Poker face

Premiere 31. 5. 2014
Derniere 31. 5. 2014

Jana is now a professional poker player who manages to earn millions. She is a coldhearted forty years old beast but we see her in November 1989 as a twenty old idealist who wants to sacrifice herself for the entire society. Her daughter Pavlina is possibly an illegitimate child of Václav Havel, and Pavlína’s boyfriend is establishing an internet based political party that

would help young college students without employment. But in the end it actually narrows down to one thing only… and it is not just money, sex and rock and roll…

A new provocative play by Petr Kolečko, one of the most prominent young contemporary Czech playwrights whose plays (Britney goes to heaven), musicals (Pornoactors, Quasimodo) or TV series (Okresní přebor, District Championship in English) were warmly welcomed as well as warmly despised by many. An author who has a lot to say, and who through his work can clearly split the society.

The play was written as a part of the Generation Icons international project that was established by Prague Theatre Letí for which 5 playwrights from 5 countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Spain and England) wrote 5 plays. The Slovak theater GUnaGU premiered Kolečko’s play directed by the Austrian stage director Hans Escher; Klimášek’s play Kill Hill is directed by the Czech stage director Martina Schlegelová and staged in Vienna; and a iPlay by the Austrian playwright Bernhard Studlar is directed by the Slovak stage director Marián Amsler and staged in Prague.

Date of premiere 30/09/2012

Translation Viliam Klimáček

Director Hans Escher

Music Slavo Solovic

Performed by Darina Abrahámová, Zuzana Porubjaková, Zuzana Šebová, Michal Režný, Peter Sklár

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