Mother Clap Molly´s House

A play by Mark Ravenhill (the famous “enfant terrible” of British 1990’s playwriting) is a celebration of diversity of human sexuality but also a fascinating insight into London’s hidden chapter of history.

Author opens with two parallel story lines – London early 18th century, where from 1700 to 1730 were over a dozens of so-called ‘molly houses’- entertainment venues for gays – and contemporary London of 2001. Also here we can witness a certain type of gay group  entertainment but this one does not exceed the boundaries of shallow conversation, watching porn videos accompanied by the consumption of cocaine. The author creates a tension by a fusion of joyful and playful historical image with nihilism and degeneration of contemporary gay entertainment. The play premiered in 2001 at the Lyttelton Theatre at the National Theatre, and with huge success has been transferred to the West End to Aldwych Theatre. Czech premiere.

Date of premiere 03/11/2008

Translation Dan Špinar a Petr Kolečko (překlad písní)
Director Dan Špinar
Dramaturgy Marie Špalová
Music Mathew Scott
Stage design Lucia Škandíková
Performed by Eva Salzmannová, Rudolf Stårz, Ondřej Novák, Richard Fiala, Tomáš Kobr, Marcela Holubcová, Michal Kern, Martyna Sľúková, Vlaďka Striežencová, Josef Wiesner

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