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How far can a benevolent upbringing lead?
A tyrannical comedy about a white man’s rebellion.

“We don’t want to be with ourselves and with that rhythmic muscle in our chest that sounds like the footsteps of death following in our footsteps. It is better when something happens in the world, when something enters that unbearably phlegmatic European calm, when something finally explodes in that unnaturally long European peace that will never, ever end, BANG! My name is Ralf Bang, and I set out from my mother to save the world from crippling boredom, from stiff calm, and most importantly, to save it from myself. ”

Ralf Bang is a prime example of a tyrant in power, even though he is only five years old. Neither his parents, nor his teachers, nor the attacks of American drones will stop his rise. He even decided to suffocate his twin sister while in his mother’s womb. No one should stand in his way. At the end of his journey is a simple and yet so ambiguous motto: Make MY world great again!

The tyrannical comedy Bang (originally Peng), the latest play by German theater star Maria von Mayenburg, premiered in June 2017 in Berlin’s Schaubühne. According to the author, the play is his “allergic reaction” to what is happening in Europe and the rest of the world. People’s tendency to choose macho leaders as its leaders who apply very simple solutions to very complicated problems – Erdoğan, Putin, Orbán, Brexit. But the last straw was the US presidential election, and so Ralf Bang is above all self-centered, childish, sexist, racist and unable to accept criticism like Donald Trump.

The Goethe-Institut supported the translation of the play as part of the long-term support of translations of contemporary German drama into Czech



„Bang je velmi nabušená inscenace, již lze vnímat na různých úrovních, pod prvotním zdáním komedie se skrývá propracovaná analýza doby a mechanismů vyzdvihujících dnes k moci určité typy leckde ve světě i u nás, jež sahají od vztahů v rámci primární rodiny až k mezinárodní situaci.“

„Velice poctivě opepřená inscenace s pořádnou dávkou té správné ironie a satiry, beroucí si na paškál dnešní (nejen) evropskou společnost a její budoucí směřování. Hodně trefné a výstižné.“

  • Jan Pařízek,
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