Audiowalk Wild Štvanice

Are you the hunter, or the prey? Be a detective and follow the audio clues to solve the crime.

Wild Štvanice – a mysterious sanatorium serving as a refuge for hunters who became the prey of society over time. Dr. Dietrich Stefan examines the natural tendencies of man for hunting and violence within the residents of his preserve. However, non-traditional group therapy is disrupted by the disappearance of one of the participants. A detective comes to the island of Štvanice to investigate a curious case concerning a person’s need to be at the top of the food chain.

An audiowalk inspired by classics of the detective genre and the structure of computer point and click adventure games. Become a detective and solve the mystery on the island of Štvanice!


Our web application – – will guide you through the story, which you can play at any time, day or night. Recharge your smartphone battery instead of a hunting rifle! The origin of the game was supported by the Czech Literary Fund Foundation.

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