“Road trip to the end of the world.”

The beloved and ridiculed symbol of the fight against climate change. And also, the most successful influencer of a whole generation. But what will happen to this generation when it grows up? What will the apocalypse look like according to Greta? Will it become just an ephemeral instastory or will we actually have some hope?

It is the year 2028, the European Union has become a PR agency and planet Earth is on the verge of ecological collapse. A young girl and her boyfriend, representatives of the Greta generation, set off on a trip to Greenland. On the ghost flight, they meet the mysterious Mr. Jonáš, a former „cool minister“ fleeing from his past, and an older lady, ”the Singer”, who has never given up hope to find her lost daughter in the north.

The set design was created by RECYCLING already existed work of Petr Vítek and Pavla Kamanová from previous productions of Theatre LETÍ BANG and Tea and the Apocalypse

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