Tomáš Dianiška

was born in Bánská Bystrica, Slovakia, in 1984. In 2008, he graduated from the Drama Department (Acting Programme) at the Theatre Faculty at the Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU) in Prague. After graduation, he started working as an actor at F.X. Šalda Theatre, Liberec, where he performed more than 30 characters.

He is the co-founder and court playwright of the underground and punk F.X. Kalba Theatre that focuses on topics related to YouTube generation. In spite of his Slovak origin, he usually writes in Czech. His first play was Googling and Fucking – originally performed at a party entitled DrinkART.
His plays are mostly co-directed, or created by a group of artists that are close to him (Anna Petrželková, Adéla Stodolová, Braňo Holiček, Jan Frič). As an author and an actor, he cooperates with Prague’s alternative stages, such as: MeetFactory, Letí, A Studio Rubin, Masopust, Chemical Theater, and others.

Since September 2014, he has been a stable member of the Theatre under Palmovka, where he performs as an actor, but he also shapes the face of the Palm Off Studio. It is here’s where his plays like Mickey Mouse Is DeadTop Secret: Cruel ImmortalitySilence of the Beaver, and Let Donna Go to Graduation! are staged. He also dramatized popular books such as How to Pick up a Woman and 1000 Things That Bother Me. As an author, he cooperates with Czech Radio. He’s also a party DJ. He was the Talent of the Year in the 2017 Theatre Critics Award.

Tomáš Dianiška is one of the youngest generation of Czech authors. In his plays, he reflects the feelings of his generation and that makes him almost a cult author, but he is also not afraid to focus on historical themes that he perceives with controversial optics. His texts are typical full of humour and irony, as well as frequent use of pop culture references.

Tomáš Dianiška (*1984)
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