Maria Wojtyszko

Maria Wojtyszko was born in Warsaw in 1982. She is a screenwriter and playwright. She studied Cultural Studies at the University of Warsaw, Screenwriting at the Łódź Film School, and Feature Film Directing at the Wajda School. She also finished the Playwriting Lab at Laboratorium Dramatu in Warsaw, where she collaborated with other playwrights on Kabaret Na Koniec Świata (Cabaret for the End of the World). She has written a few short films and for many television series including Przystań (The Harbour), Doręczyciel (The Mail Carrier), and Bez Tajemnic (Without Secrets, based on the HBO series In Treatment).
She has written plays for both children and adults. Her plays have been produced in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Finland. She received an award presented jointly by Teatr Stary Kraków and the monthly Dialog for her play Macica (Womb). Her play Pierwszy człowiek świata (The First Person On Earth) won the children’s theatre contest organized by Centrum Sztuki Dziecka (Children’s Art Centre) in Poznań. The play Sam, czyli przygotowanie do życia w rodzinie (Sam, Preparing for Family Life) was the Grand Prix Winner at the XX Konkurs na Wystawienie Polskiej Sztuki Współczesnej (All Poland Staged Contemporary Play Contest). Her play Piekło-Niebo (Hell/Heaven) received the Best Dramatic Text Award of the season two years later in the same contest. The latter was also a finalist for the Gdyńska Nagroda Dramaturgiczna (Gdynia Dramaturgical Award), the first time a children’s play was ever considered for this award.
She has been the Literary Manager of the Wrocław Puppet Theatre since 2012, where she enjoys promoting contemporary Polish drama.

Maria Wojtyszko (*1982)