Kateřina Rudčenková

Poet, novelist and a playwright. She has published collections of poems Ludwig (1999), It Is Not Necessary for You to Visit Me (Není nutné, abyste mě navštěvoval, 2001), Ashes and delight (Popel a slast, 2004) and Walking on Sand Dunes (Chůze po dunách, 2013), za niž získala cenu Magnesia Litera 2014, a book of short stories Nights, Nights (Noci, noci, 2004) and a play Niekur (2007), with this play she won the Alfréd Radok Awards for the best play of the year 2006 and it was produced by Theatre Ungelt Prague in 2008. The scenic draft of a theatre play Frau in Blau was staged by the Drama Studio Ústí nad Labem in 2004. For her bilingual translation of her second collection Nicht nötig, mich zu besuchen (2002) published in Austria she received the German Hubert Burda Award for young Eastern European poets in 2003. She was chosen for a month-long residency organized by the Royal Court Theatre in London for playwrights from all over the world. This resulted in a new play, The Time of The Cherry Smoke (Čas třešňového dýmu, 2007), which was shortlisted for the Alfred Radok Awards Playwriting Competition for 2007.
In June 2008, her play was produced as a staged reading in the New York Immigrants’ Theatre and broadcasted on the Czech Radio Vltava station. In 2011, she participated in the Visegrad Poetesse Translation Workshop in Hungary, and in 2014 a Poetry Translation Workshop in Spanish Galicia. She has participated in many international literary festivals, her poems have been translated into twenty languages, books with her poetry have been published in Austria (Nicht nötig, mich zu besuchen, 2002) and Serbia (Granična senka, 2011). Her play Niekur was introduced at the festival of contemporary Czech playwrights Ein Stück: Tschechien / Piece: Czech 2016 in Berlin, where she won the Audience Award. In 2017, at the same festival, her play Time of the Cherry Smoke was introduced for the first time.

Personal website of the author is www.rudcenkova.freehostia.com.

“The poet and playwright Katerina Rudenkova, in her plays, deals with women’s problems and criticizes the distorted construction of female identity. In Frau in Blau (2004) she interprets Alma Mahler’s relationship with Oskar Kokoschka by looking at their unborn (in fact, interrupted) daughter, and she sides with the freelance artist. In Blue Horses (2005), she was inspired by Karin Jäckel’s popular publication This also is marriage… (1995) and portrays the love pentagon of characters who live in relationships but are lonely. Her most famous drama is Niekur (2007), where she portrays the relationship of a Czech novelist with a Lithuanian poet during their scholarship as a clash of two different attitudes and narrative perspectives. The Time of the Cherry Smoke (2007) was articulated as a three-generation interview with women in favour of female emancipation. In the play Accident – Coma – Timelessness (2008), she exposes a woman after an accident to confront the men of her life. The play Pacified (2009) is created as a fantastic poetic-philosophical debate between man and woman about the forms of female demeanour. In Petroleum (2009) she was inspired by the American astronaut who tried to hurt her colleague who had a relationship with her husband-pilot.” (L. Jungmannová)

Kateřina Rudčenková (*1976)
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